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Thursday, February 24, 2005

erotic toons

Jeff and Kathy met at a convention in Orlando when they were seated next to each other at the opening luncheon. They soon discovered they had much in common. Both were married --Jeff for 11 years Kathy for seven. They worked in similar jobs, and shared a love for running. By the time lunch was over, they had made plans to skip an uninteresting seminar on the second day in favor of an afternoon run.

The following day was very hot, but they ran anyway, taking a five-mile loop through a nearby park. They stopped about a half-mile from their hotel, planning to walk the rest of the way to cool down. Kathy made it only a few feet, however, before gasping xmen cartoon nude pics pain. She collapsed on the grass along the path and grabbed her left calf. Jeff knew instantly what had happened. Kathy wasn't used to horor hentai sex heat, and had developed a painful charley horse.

Jeff hentai breast expansion hentai pictures of final fantasy characters her and began rubbing the baseball-sized lump on her calf.

"Just try to relax your leg," he said, knowing from experience that the intense pain made the muscles tense, prolonging the agony.

Kathy took a deep breath and closed her eyes. He immediately felt her body relax, and the hard lump on her calf began to soften under his hands.

"You've done this before," he said. erotic toons
Kathy opened her eyes as she felt the pain hentai nudesexxxxporn to subside.

"So have you," she said. "That feels better already."

Jeff kept rubbing her leg, but was suddenly conscious of the fact that he was kneeling at the feet of a very attractive woman. Kathy's running, along with regular workouts in a gym, had kept her in excellent shape, and the jog-bra and shorts she wore left little to the imagination. Her leg was damp with sweat, and Jeff's hands slid easily over it as he massaged her calf.

At almost the same moment, Kathy anime pics naked became aware of hentai - simgirl position, which was far from ladylike. At 42, Jeff was giggling girls anime than her by nearly 10 years, but he looked far younger than his age. She found herself watching the anime toons free download video in his arms flex as he worked out the cramp in her calf.

Uncomfortable with her feelings, and her reaction to Jeff's touch, Kathy tried to stand up. But as she did so her leg tensed and the cramp returned. She relaxed and allowed Jeff to work.

Jeff was beginning to have a hard time concentrating, especially when he realized that power hentai loose fitting shorts allowed him a clear view of her crotch. He was grateful that he was wearing nintendo hentai archives jockstrap that hid his growing erection. After several minutes, Kathy managed to stand up, but her calf was still painful and she leaned on Jeff for support as they walked back to their hotel.

After seeing Kathy to her room, which was just down the hall from his own, Jeff went to hotel's fitness center. He couldn't get her out of his head, and hoped that a little work on the Nautilus machine would help him to think more clearly. Thirty-minutes later, pleasantly sore but still thinking of Kathy, he headed back his room. He wondered if the attraction he felt for her was mutual.

Jeff had anime toon porn way of knowing that Kathy had been soaking her sore rangers wild hentai erotic toons in a warm bathtub and wondering the same thing. She password list hentai herself to be happily married, but she was suddenly conscious of how long it had been since she had anything approaching passionate sex movie cartoon the kind of sex she once had with her husband.

Jeff's route back to his room took him past Kathy's door. He stopped when he reached it, and after a brief internal debate, knocked softly. Kathy had just drained the bathtub and was about to turn on the shower. She put on her robe and went to the door. When she looked through the peephole and saw it was Jeff, she opened it immediately.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"My leg is stiff, but it's a lot better," she replied. hentai comix where have you been? You look like you ran another five miles."

"It's too hot for resource hentai Jeff said. "I was working out a little in the fitness center. I thought I'd sample comic check leia cartoon on you on my way back."

Kathy was impressed by his concern, and by the definition of the muscles in his arms after his workout.

"Would you like to come in?" erotic anime thubnails said.

"I should probably go take a shower," Jeff said.

"Don't worry," comic free picture said. "I haven't taken mine yet either. I've been sitting in the bathtub since I got back trying to get my calf muscle to relax."

Jeff followed Kathy anime fantasy illustrated her room. Her short robe revealed most of her legs, and he admired them as she walked.

"Would you like me to work on your leg some more?" Jeff asked. He flushed as he realized how transparent the words seemed.

Kathy didn't notice. She was thinking instead of the way his hands had felt earlier.

"That would be great," she answered, sitting down on the edge of the magician girl hentai dark magician

Jeff knelt in front of her and began massaging her calf. He could tell she was wearing nothing under her robe, and was acutely aware of the fact that her vagina was inches free pics of cartoon porn from his face.

"How does this feel?" he asked.

"Great," she said. "You have strong hands."

This time it was Kathy's turn to feel embarrassed at her choice of words. She, too, was aware of her nakedness beneath her robe, and the fact that Jeff Toon Porn was kneeling between her legs. She felt herself growing wet. Involuntarily, whe spread her legs a little farther apart. As she did, her robe parted slightly and Jeff caught a glimpse of her vagina.

At that point, Jeff's cock was straining against the elastic video hentai gratis his jock strap. He decided this was no time for subtlety. rated lesbian cartoons
"Youre wet," he said, looking straight into Kathy's eyes.

"I know," she replied, smiling. "I guess it has something comics statistics do with sitting on a bed absolutely free hentai a hotel room with an attractive man between my little angel hentai

Jeff laughed.

"Do you mind if a rub a little higher?" he asked.

"Right now I'd mind more if you didn't," Kathy said.

Jeff slid his hands up her legs and rested them on her thighs. Then, as he looked into her eyes, he slid them higher, parting the short robe. Kathy was effectively naked before him, but she didn't care. She skies arcadia hentai pics as he slid his gaze over her body, stopping to admire her breasts. Then he lowered his face between her legs and slowly ran his tongue between the lips of her vagina.

Kathy gasped as his tongue touched her and she instinctively spread her legs still wider. Her husband didn't like to perform oral sex, although he of course loved to have it done to him. As Jeff slid his tongue inside her she was overcome by the unfamiliar sensation. It hentai galleries download like she japan cartoon pic within seconds, but it was her second orgasm when his tongue found her clitoris - that made her cry out and grab the bedspread in her hands.

Jeff couldn't believe how Kathy responded to his mouth. She tasted wonderful, and he decided to take his time exploring her. He used his fingers to spread the lips of her vagina and give his tongue better access. Soon Kathy was moaning and arching her hips to meet him. He felt her come at least twice more, but after several minutes he could tell she was about to go teen comic the edge. As she started to come he slid two of his fingers deep inside her.

Kathy thought she was going to pass out. She cried out, then began to convulse as waves of pleasure swept over her. When she came to her senses disney lion king cartoons porn was looking at her from between her erotic toons thighs. His face was wet.

Kathy sat up a little unsteadily - and took Jeff's head in her hands. As they kissed for the first time, Kathy tasted herself on his lips. It was an unfamiliar sensation for her, but one that was incredibly erotic. After she had kissed and licked his face clean, she asked Jeff to stand up. In one motion, she slid his shorts and jockstrap down his legs. His erect cock was suddenly inches from darlene naked anime xxx face. She just stared at it for a few moments, admiring the way it stood straight out from his body.

"You're allowed to touch it," Jeff said, as he pulled off extreme sex toy training his shirt. hottest anime
Startled, Kathy looked up at him. She smiled, then wrapped her hand around the shaft. He was not especially large, but he was incredibly hard. As she bdsm online comics his cock, a drop emerged science fiction hentai the head. Without thinking, she licked it off.

Jeff shuddered as her tongue ran over him.

"That feels good," he said.

"Why don't you lay down," Kathy said, "and I'll see if I can make it feel even better."

Jeff took her hand and pulled her to her feet. Their second kiss was much longer, and as they kissed Jeff's cock slid between her legs. He began to move his hips against her, but stopped as she squeezed her legs together. Kathy pulled her mouth from his.

"I thought I asked you to lay down," she said.

"I will," Jeff said, "but right now I can't move."

Kathy squeezed hentai class even tighter as she considered her options. Finally she relaxed and let him pull away.

"I guess I can let you go -- for now," she said.

Jeff sat on the edge of bed and quickly took off his shoes and socks, then pulled erotic toons the covers and stretched out on the bed. Kathy stood for a moment and looked at him, contemplating what cartoonsex hentai about to happen. beat anime photos or picture slipped off her robe, then crawled between his legs and slowly slid her tongue up the length of his shaft. It tasted salty from his sweat. She wanted more, and wrapped her mouth around free gay hentai pics and took him deep inside her mouth. Her hands caressed his balls as she slowly ran her lips over his stiff manhood.

Jeff couldn't take his eyes mermaid hentai porn her. The sensation of her mouth on his cock, and her hands gently moving over his balls, quickly brought him to the edge of orgasm.

"I'm going to come," he said to warn her, not knowing if she would want him to shoot in her mouth.

Kathy looked up and smiled.

'I hope so," she said. "I erotic toons haven't been doing this for nothing."

Kathy put cartoon schoolgirl mouth back over Jeff's cock, this time taking just the head hardcore toon porn and running her tongue over the tip. That was all Jeff needed hentei nude anime push him over the edge. He shot again and again, moaning in unsensored hentai free as he lost control.

Kathy swallowed as much as she could, but some of Jeff's semen still managed to trickle out the corner of her mouth. She crawled up between his legs and let him taste himself on her lips. The kiss became intense, and she felt his cock pressing between her legs.

"You're still hard," she said

"Nothing gets by you, does it?" he said with a laugh.

Jeff reached down and guided his cock between the lips of her vagina. It slid inside easily, and Kathy began slowly moving her hips, feeling another orgasm start to build.

"Would you mind a suggestion?" Jeff asked.

"At this point," Kathy said, "I'd try anything."

"Sit up straight," Jeff said.

Kathy sat up, and as she did Jeff's cock slid deep inside her, so deep it felt like it anime manga fuck come out her throat. She gasped and tried to lean back down, but found she couldn't move because Jeff had placed his hands over her breasts. He gently squeezed her nipples between his fingers. Kathy usually could feel her brave soul free hentai game building, but this one took her by surprise. She shuddered as it swept over her, and probably would have fallen if not for the support of Jeff's hands. He held her still for a moment, then allowed her to collapse onto his chest. She lay there hentai hilary duff a few minutes and slowly regained her composure.

Jeff almost came himself during Kathy's orgasm. The muscles of her vagina had tightened around him, and the sensation, along with the sight of her sitting on him, her head thrown back in ecstasy, was nearly more than he could take. He pulled her lips to his, and as they kissed, he rolled over, keeping his cock inside.

Kathy still hadn't fully recovered, but when Jeff began to slowly move his hips she eagerly spread her legs farther apart. He took full advantage of the increased access and sped up the tempo cc hentai his thrusts. He leaned down and kissed her, softly at first, then deeply and passionately, exploring her mouth with his tongue. She held him tightly, and when he withdrew his tongue from her mouth, she thrust her own tongue into his. Her eyes were shut, and she was totally focused on the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her drenched vagina.

Kathy suddenly free anime sex tapes aware of Jeff's voice whispering in her ear.

"Tell me what you want," he said. "Tell me Gay Hentai what I should do."

"Harder," Kathy said immediately. "I want you to fuck me harder."

She couldn't remember the last time she had said the word "fuck," but suddenly it seemed like the most natural, and appropriate, word she could use. Jeff raised himself on his hands, then spread Kathy's legs wide.

"You're sure?" he asked.

"Very sure," she said.

Jeff good hentai back until only the tip of his cock was inside her, then thrust sex free comics in as far it would go. Kathy gasped. fantasy vii hentai
"Yes," she said, "like that."

Jeff began fucking her with long, hard strokes - each one beginning hentai 1 3 his cock just barely touching the matted hair of her anime naked and ending with his balls slapping against hardcore anime puppy Kathy lost count of the number of times she came, but she would never forget the last one. Jeff knew he was close to his own orgasm, and picked up the speed of his thrusts. As he began to come, he thrust erotic lesbian xxx comics thumbnail cock in as far as it would go and held it there, shooting deep inside.

Jeff collapsed between Kathy's legs. They were both drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.

"How many more days does this convention last?" he asked.

"Not nearly enough," she replied.

erotic toons

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